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SOM’s free e-bulletin – OH Nurse Connect

OH Nurse Connect from the SOM is a free regular email sent to over 1,400 Occupational Health (OH) Nurses in the UK.  It includes key information on clinical standards, evidence-based OH nursing guidance and other important information relevant to occupational health nursing practice.  OH Nurse Connect is a great tool for OH nurses to keep up to date and improve communication with their colleagues.


For more information about OH Nurse Connect and to sign-up to the free bulletin please click here:  

For any queries regarding OH Nurse Connect or the SOM, please email


OH Nurse Connect is hosted and administered by the Society of Occupational Medicine (SOM).  The SOM is the UK organisation for all healthcare professionals working in or with an interest in occupational health, and offers a wide range of member benefits including the recently launched insurance-based indemnity policy for nurses.