The UK's longest-standing
OH Nurse Membership Organisation

 iOH has been established for over 25 years. We currently have over 400 Occupational Health Professionals who belong to the UK’s longest standing membership organisation for Occupational Health Nurses. Supporting their professional and career development. With the recent change to the structure of the Association there has been a name change and the welcoming of any professional within the field of Occupational Health and Wellbeing to join our Association for the benefit of the wider Occupational Health community.

 iOH represents and supports innovative research-based Occupational Health professionals, leading the development and support of employers and workers in the UK. Our members are major contributors to the productivity of the economy of the UK, bringing life-changing and life-enhancing advice, adjustments and rehabilitation to all people of working age and their employers and Industry Bodies.

 iOH is an inclusive professional development and networking group for Occupational Health workers, professionals and students.  Membership offers support, OH Today Journal with a research round-up and the opportunity to network nationally, in person and online with colleagues who actively invest in their development. We also provide a helpline to assist our members to deal with issues that affect their day to day work in any way. We also provide assistance with revalidation for any member.

 We are currently planning a number of events and changes to the way we integrate with the Occupational Health Community and are listening to the needs of our members. This is pivotal to our continued success.

 We have recently partnered with The University of Derby who will provide World Class support in the field of research and other initiatives befitting of this Higher Education Institution. Being at the centre of the UK makes this an easily accessible venue for our participation in providing professional development events for the benefit of our members and others who wish to enhance their learning and development.

 We will continue to invest in the journal OH Today and look at ways to encourage engagement with the wider Occupational Health Community.


* Confident Occupational Health Professionals empowered to participate in and influence the health and wellbeing of the working age population of the UK and beyond.


* Supporting Occupational Health and wellbeing professionals through their career and personal development through practice education and training


* We value integrity, honesty and recognise our unique contribution

* We welcome all Occupational Health Professionals equally

* We value accountability and promote quality through continued reflection and improvement

* We use a person centred approach, realising individual potential


Aim 1: To provide a responsive, supportive and innovative service


* Deliver and expand a variety and range of training to meet identified need

* Increase opportunities of professional and personal development through the provision of support services

* Increase access to services and service effectiveness through strategic promotion, networking and collaboration

* Provide a safe, secure fit for purpose learning/working environment

Aim 2: To be a catalyst for Occupational Health community development


* Seek opportunities to maintain and develop intra and inter community interaction

* Engage with existing and develop strategic networks and opportunities for collaborative working

* Promote and share Occupational Health and Wellbeing best practice with relevant employers bodies, voluntary and statutory sectors

Aim 3: To grow and sustain an effective organisation


* Build sustainable revenue through a variety of restricted and unrestricted income streams

* Develop and implement support services and continuing professional development services

* Ensure sound organisational governance through an appropriately skilled Board of Directors

* Recognise and value staff and volunteer expertise and provide opportunities for continued professional development

* Maintain and promote IOH as a recognised quality evidence based organisation

* Maximise organisational effectiveness through actively seeking collaborative working opportunities